Primary Care

Call (202) 741-2222 to Schedule Your Online Virtual Visit

Please call (202) 741-2222 to schedule an online virtual health appointment with your primary care provider. Please note: You will be prompted to download the Zoom software to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The software is free and safe to use. Learn more about online virtual visits.


Through our Center for General Internal Medicine at The GW Medical Faculty Associates, our skilled team of primary care providers oversee all aspects of an adult patient's healthcare — from outpatient primary care to preventive medicine to preoperative assessment and consultation to management of chronic health conditions.

Being affiliated with the GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences and GW Hospital, The GW Medical Faculty Associates uses evidence-based care to train our staff. We ensure that we are using a team-based, patient-centered approach to coordinate care for you and your loved ones. With over 50 different specialties located all through the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, we work with you to provide a smooth transition of care. We also provide educational material and have social workers, diabetes educators, and other resources to provide you with education and support.

Family Medicine Services

Family medicine physicians provide you with individualized care that sees you as a part of your family and your community. We focus on the whole body, and understand the interconnectedness of your health while factoring in the external influences in your life. Our holistic approach provides patients with tips on disease prevention in addition to diagnoses and treatments for any illnesses you may experience. Our family practice is a division of primary care that provides health care for all ages, genders, and for all of the body, throughout your life.

Manage Your Health Using FollowMyHealth

Our FollowMyHealth (FMH) online patient portal is our free self-service health management tool which allows you to manage your health information online. This tool helps you improve interaction with your physician’s office, document your detailed health history and make more informed decisions about your health care.

With FollowMyHealth, you can view and update your medical history, request prescription refills, manage payments to your account, receive care reminders, store your health record securely, request appointments and referral, download and print selected information from your health record, request medical records and securely communicate with any GW physician.

Learn more about FollowMyHealth here.

If there is a pre-authorization required for a medicine that has been prescribed by your provider, your request will be processed within 1-2 business days and a member of our staff will call you when it is completed.

COVID-19 Recovery Clinic

Our physicians at The GW Medical Faculty Associates have been caring for patients with COVID-19 since the early days of the pandemic in our region, and our researchers have been at the forefront of efforts to understand its pathogenesis, immunology, and treatment. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some patients who survive the disease experience long-lasting symptoms and negative effects on their health. These can include long-lasting effects on the heart, lung, immune system, mental health, and overall quality of life. Such persistent “long-haul” complications have been reported by our patients and described in the medical literature.

We are offering a new COVID-19 Recovery Clinic to support patients who struggle with long-term symptoms after COVID-19. 

More information about the COVID-19 Recovery Clinic


Welcome to Cuentos, the humanities magazine produced by The GW Medical Faculty Associate’s Division of General Internal Medicine.

Each year we think we’ve harnessed all of the artistic talent of our colleagues…only to discover the following year that the richness runs even deeper. Each of us joined the editorial team for a variety reasons. We each have different interests in painting, photography, and writing. What unites us is our love for grammar and the red pen as well as our desire to showcase the humanism in medicine. We earnestly believe that healthcare providers who do art relate better to their patients and colleagues and are better clinicians for it. Cuentos is a forum for artistic expression in the Division of General Internal Medicine, and we are so grateful for it.

As editors, we have the privilege of working directly with the healthcare providers responsible for the work you are about to see. These are the people behind the white coats, scrubs, and badges. They have carved sculptures from wood, devised healthy recipes, and drawn fairies, among other endeavors. We can say without reservation that each contributor has shared a part of him or herself with each piece of art created.

Whether you are sitting in the waiting room or beyond, we invite you to take a moment out of your fast-paced life to find a connection within these pages. And be sure to check out our 2016 movie highlighting the impact of Cuentos for contributors and readers alike.

We thank you for your continued support.


Resident Clinic

The GW Medical Faculty Associates residents welcome you to Resident Clinic. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain who we are and what you can expect when you come to see us as your doctor.

More information about the Resident Clinic