A Hookworm Infection Study in Healthy Adults

This study is being conducted to determine the optimal dose of infectious hookworm larvae that is safe to give to healthy adults, and that leads to an infection with adult worms in the intestine. Hookworm is a parasitic worm that can live for several years in the intestine of humans, feeding on the blood of the people they infect. Study participants will provide routine stool and blood samples and will receive anti-worm medication 3 months from application of the larvae to treat the infection. This study is looking to enroll males or females, 18-45 years of age in good general health, who are available for the duration of the study (6 months). Subjects must be HIV, Hep-B, and Hep-C negative.

Sabin Vaccine Institute
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Dr. David Diemert, MD/Medicine & Microbiology, Immunology and Tropical Medicine
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